“Why Greatness Has Eluded Nigeria”- Minister Of Power, Chinedu Nebo

“Why Greatness Has Eluded Nigeria”- Minister Of Power, Chinedu Nebo

“Why Greatness Has Eluded Nigeria”- Minister Of Power, Chinedu Nebo-Nigeria is a potential World Power and may  assume her real position soon as an economic, political and social force in the World  if  people  face up to th0se challenges that has threatened her potentials.

According to the country’s Minister of Power, we must face  reality before we can move forward and  as an emerging World power, we must fight off through unity and allow the nation living up to her potentials.

Professor Chinedu Nebo claimed there had been stumbling blocks on the nation’s greatness path because of   economic threat to some  leading World powers who continue to pretend and acts as friends of the nation. He claimed that if  Nigerians face  the reality, it would wriggle out of such press-down and grab  her position as a World power.

Professor Nebo, a former University Chancellor said it is when such  reality is faced that Nigeria can fight off the conspiracy and emerge in its true potentials as a World giant.

Professor Nebo was speaking at the weekend in London while addressing members of the Nigerians in the Diaspora, who had gathered to welcome President Goodluck Jonathan to London in a planned move to rub minds and relay some of the Federal government’s achievement in the past four years.

Mr Nebo was responding to questions during the interactive event at London’s prestigious Porchester Hall in Bayswater, Central London.

He was full of confidence that Nigeria would live to her potentials and grab a place in World honours of big powers if the trend of the current political development in which many initiatives had been made to set a solid foundation for a better future for the country is maintained.

According to him, while responding to question on why the big powers of the World, including United States and Britain have not shown enough dedication to the cause of fighting Boko Haram insurgents in the North-Eastern part of Nigeria, he claimed that the nation’s dedication to her greatness may not be the wish of many powers because of what they stand to lose if Nigeria attains higher level of economic influence and political clout  around the World..

Professor Nebu and Federal Minister for Agriculture, Dr Akinwumi Adesina were sent to represent President Goodluck Jonathan at the organised event which was titled: ” ‘An Evening with Mr President’ , an opportunity for the Diasporans to  read more to the minds of Nigeria leader’s good plan for Nigeria  as the general election draw close.

The event which was fairly attended by a cross-section of Nigerians and many political and social organisations was an eye opener as many were brought to the memory lane of the immense problems that President Jonathan inherited from other previous governments in the country. Professor Nebu who sensitised the nation on why it has failed to attain its potential greatness urged Nigerians to face reality and support President Goodluck Jonathan in his drive for a better Nigeria which would stand in the committee of great nations if the present gradual  stride the government is making is supported through support for  President Jonathan in the coming election.

Responding to a suggestion that the only solution  to the nation’s current insecurity was  devolution and regional autonomy, Professor Nebo agreed that the nation would definitely be better for the move but said it would be pre-mature considering the fact that Nigeria for long has been going through certain transformations and political evolution.

He pointed to the fact that President Jonathan organised  the national conference in Abuja so that the modalities for a better political evolution would be discussed, commending that the conference which attracted all segments  of the nation’s walk of life  were organised to address the nation’s biting issues.

The former University Chancellor claimed that during President Jonathan’s reign, many abandoned projects were resurrected and brought back to life.

He regretted that prior to Jonathan’s enthronement, Nigeria social life had degenerated so much that all the infrastructural facilities provided after the Independence were left to rot due to lack of maintenance. He pointed out at the nation’s old railway system which he said was exemplary serving all the regions had been abandoned, regretting that before Jonathan came to power, the railway system was almost non-existence, giving credit to the government for its revival and continued inprovement.

“Most of the abandoned projects of over 30 years in Nigeria were urgently revived by Mr President, just like this railway system that our people are now enjoying in Nigeria. In my ministry, we have trained over 1000 young Nigerian engineers and this administration privatised the power sector in Nigeria. Right now, every state in Nigeria now  at least a federal University. This administration established 14 federal universities with 9 of them in the northern parts of Nigeria.”

Accpording to him, Nigeria is facing a bleak future as the same set of people of cabal that is threatened to make the country ungovernable for President Jonathan in 2011 are those now  threatening to make the country ungovernable if he wins in 2015 and so carried away by their intentions that democratically, an election is holding and   a winner must emerge.

“We cannot allow such people to rule Nigeria again. All the opposition politicians shouting about corruption are deadly corrupt themselves if we all look at things critically. Mr President is an advocate of rule of law and a doyen of due process. He believes so much in one man one vote and one woman one vote and hold the contention that  and maxim that  every vote must count. He is a man with the fear of God and true passion and love for his country  Nigeria and all  Nigerians.”
He claimed the government has been proactive on fight against corruption and that the government had fought off the ghost worker syndrome, which has allowed some unpatriotic Nigerians to cart away billions of Naira from the Federal government coffers.

“At the federal level,we have discovered and sacked ove 45,0000 ghost workers. Fake people that just collected free salaries for doing nothing. In some local governments, we have also rooted out ghost workers who were  collecting teachers’ salaries for nothing. Those were not  were not even government-employed teachers. If this is not fighting corruption, then I wonder what is it.”

Speaking earlier, the minister of Agriculture, Dr Adesina listed the government’s achievement in Agriculture and the determination by the Federal government to make Nigeria exporters of food items to the World  and to do more to encourage local farming  if re-elected in the coming  general election.

“Fellow Nigerians,let’s forget about the noise on social media or elsewhere, talk is cheap but work is hard. In this life, you don’t choose the shots that come to you but you can choose the response. This administration has really improved the lives of our rural farmers. We have restored back their stolen dignity. They are now proud to come out anywhere and say I am a Nigerian farmer. We made sure that fertilisers are now within their reach without much hassles as we removed all the stumbling blocks which had been  created in the past”.

He claimed Jonathan had invested in dry season agriculture in the northern parts of Nigeria,  a move that he is the first to make so that weather disadvantage will be a thing of the past in that part of the coiuntry.

The Convener of the event,  UK-based Barrister  Bob Olukoya expressed his  appreciation to Nigerians who had taken time to attend the event  and urged all to  sensitise Nigerians bothe home and abroad on the good deeds of President Jonathan  and put off all the propaganda on social media on his achievements..

“We are today to tell the whole world about the giant strides of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. We are here to give him our moral support and encourage him to do more for Nigerians. This administration has created a level-playing ground for all politicians to show their plans for Nigerians. Mr President does not believe in ‘do-or-die’ politics at all. He is very approachable and a humble character, handling the delicate situation of Nigeria with wisdom and humility of purpose.

“He deserves to be re-elected till year 2019 so that he can do more for a more  visible achievements in Nigeria.”

By Fatai Ogunribido, London

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