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Buhari Back Home Before Friday, Says London Source-President Buhari is expected to arrive back in Nigeria before the weekend, London-based source has hinted.

To this effect, arrangements have been completed for the  Nigeria leader’s home arrival after his almost two months absence from duty as his bags and baggage are currently in transit to the Airport.

According to sources, doctors certified the Nigeria president as fit for the purpose of his nation’s leadership after his sugar level has been regulated through advice and proper medication by specialist doctors in the United Kingdom.

His planned journey back to the country was canceled two weeks ago when doctors discovered his sugar level had shot up.

Sources said the president may leave the United Kingdom on Tuesday night and arriving the country on Wednesday morning, assuring that before this Friday, President Buhari would be touching on the Nigeria soil.

On his current condition, our source claimed that at no time was the president found to be in danger of long hospitalization or put under any sedation for the purpose of treatment. The source claimed his main treatment has been carried out at his official home in London where he had stayed since arriving the United Kingdom. The source emphasized that the President though with vulnerable health conditions had always been advised to take a long rest.

“He has always been treated at home by his specialist doctors who have always indicated that he is never in any danger of unconsciousness or intensive care”, the source claimed.

It added that recently, he had been diagnosed for high risk of his rose sugar level and that doctors had handled the condition carefully, putting him under close monitoring for almost two weeks and continually regulating the sugar level through light exercise and right medication.

“Cautions have been taken before the president is made to return back home because his sugar level rose and needed to be put right before returning back to the pressures of Nigerians who have nursed a high hope in his government’s achievements”, the source said.

The source also hinted that his close friends had arrived London with the intention of assuring that he is well and able before returning back home in Nigeria.

Two weeks ago, a high-powered delegation led by the President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki and House of Representative Speaker visited the President in London, conveying the well-wishes of Nigerians to him.

Since his arrival in London more than six weeks ago, rumors have circulated on the condition of the Nigerian leader with many claiming he had been certified unfit to continue to rule the country. Many of the unfounded rumors were more intensive on the social media while his information team continue to mismanage his situation through made-up and propped fallacies.

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