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 It is important to maintain constantly the eating of healthy food so you can retain excellent state of heath when pregnant.

It is even more important to maintain a healthy diet when your pregnancy is developing  as food plays an important part in the development and the eventual birth of the  baby.

Eating a wide variety of nutritious food , constant water intake and regular exercise are sure bets in retaining good health. So please take important care of yourself so you can eliminate  those that could be potentially harmful to both the pregnancy and your personality.

Give your baby the best start in life and ensure their healthy development by including the top 40 ingredients in this list (with the final 10 being those to avoid!). Also, keep up gentle with regular exercise and get plenty of sleep.

Take care in the preparation of foods, too, washing vegetables and fruits thoroughly before eating, and making sure meats and fish are properly cooked to avoid passing on harmful bacteria to your child.

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