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A United Kingdom marketing research and promotion consultancy company has taken a bold step to showcase African Food via a state of the art online platform aptly named also known as EDA.

The basis of the service is straight forward, Africa possesses the world’s 2nd largest land mass and the world’s 2nd largest Populous, with over 53 countries and several hundred cultures, religions and sub-sectors the culinary offerings are almost endless. People’s from the many nations of Africa have spread across the globe and intermingled with many other societies/cultures.

As the EDA team explain; Africa’s raw materials ‘especially edible products’ such as cocoa have infiltrated into almost every area of food production/supply, from chocolate to spices, yet a majority of its cuisines and other food and drink products still remain a rare commodity/delicacy to Western and Eastern palettes. Despite this astounding situation cooking styles and cuisines from Asia and Europe have spread popularly throughout the world (and UK especially). Eat Drink will tackle this disappointing trend, by making all of the information, knowledge and actual suppliers available to the masses from all over the globe.

The company claims that so many adults and children (including 3rd and 4th generation migrants) residing within Western countries like the UK have been unconsciously fed with disparaging information in regards to the availability, choice and quality of African Food.

According Mr Ugochukwu Egenamba, the Chief Executive of UK Business Aid Limited, placing all African food and drink stakeholders under one umbrella, aptly titled ‘Eat Drink’ would assist many new and current supporters in finding out more positive information about African Food. Visitors will be able to view the entire African Food Market in and innovative, interesting and informative manner. Food enthusiasts have a lot to look forward to such as a modern online search system with engaging facilities such as a Video TV channel, key reviews of restaurants, opinion blogs and automated newsletters will elevate the currently marginalised sector that is ‘African Food’

Eat Drink Africa’s research retrieved the damning and undeniable fact that for over 40 years, African food has been very much available but little prominence and recognition has been given to the industry due to old stereotype which relegates issues concerning Africa and Africans.

The soft-launch of  took place last recently and an already it has received massive support for the programme as it gears for the full public launch towards the end of January 2015.

“Eat Drink proudly unveils the mystery and history surrounding African food and drink and it has come to stay”, Mr Egenemba said, claiming the innovative and interactive website launched during the week will practically open the eyes of the World to the reality of African food creativity. African cuisine is truly on the rise with many homes now acknowledging the varied cooking styles and imitating all the cooking exercises with its innovative and Invigorating Ingredients’.

With the availability of African cuisine in every country via a network of food shops, restaurants and importers, Eat Drink will highlight the growing market and hot spots where wholesale and retail business are taking place.
The concept is very simple Eat Drink Africa better known as ( or EDA) is an interactive search and find facility which focuses on; • A varied assortment of differing food restaurants and eateries specialising in any number of African orientated national dishes from any of the 55 countries that make up Africa (and its Islands). • The service also provides a ‘similar’ search and find facility for; • African drink/beverage suppliers • Food wholesalers and suppliers.

For further information or to register a business on what will become Africa’s food revolution please visit

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