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Like many other news organisations, EMNnews.com is emerging as a fresh starter on the internet news web family.

We are not soliciting for influence, but we seek justice and fair-play for all Africans, particularly, for all Nigerians home and in the Diaspora in the wake of the current political ineffectiveness which is plaguing our motherland and continuously pushing her insidea deep pool of irrelevance on the world stage. Shame! Big shame isn’t it?

A prospective world power and Africa’s champion in initiative making, Nigeria sadly is being completely side-tracked and made irrelevant among many committee of nations. She had been widely perceived as an infectious virus and treated with scary isolation courtesy of long years of misrule by mediocre, visionless and purposeless leaders whose ambition have always been to divert Nigeria resources and wealth to their personal coffers.

Indeed, Nigeria for long has suffered betrayal, economic rape and social dehumanisation resulting from lack of well meaning leadership. The country continuously wanders in hopelessness and staggers around in self defeatist posture.

The common man’s hopes have been dashed for long and the destiny of the citizens put in the hands of opportunistic few whose life experience is not even strong enough to handle their family state of affairs.

Many actors on our political stage have got little or nothing to offer for our political solutions. Unless a major overhaul of our political system takes place, there seems to be no future or any positive direction for Nigeria.

The Country is a bundle of energetic personal and economic potentials, strong in content but deflated in weight with many of her citizens making relevant contributions to the growth of many nations in the world. Yet the country we call our own remains a slumbering giant parading itself as a laughing stock to the rest of the world.

We in the Diaspora cannot stand by while life degenerates and our much loved country sink more into obscurity. We have got a lot to offer or contribute in the wake of the current wobbling. We cannot continue to act as bystanders while hopelessness and doomsday stare at us in the face. The need is now to mount SOS pressure to save Nigeria from civil tragedy.

Many of our political actors have created strong impression that the country they visualise to live is far away from Nigeria. That there are agendas to carve out a nation for themselves inside our dear country and call that nation their own.

The current spate of looting and disrespect for the rule of law by many of our so called leaders are worrying. Our current political actors have failed the nation. No end in sight to offer any respite in the wake of breakdown of social amenities and economic infrastructures.

Many governors have demonstrated complete lack of care and sympathy for the governed and lack of vision for the states they rule over. They assume their position obviously with no demonstrated agenda. Rather their mission is to loot and divert state resources to personal accounts. The whole world is having a good laugh at the state of affairs in Nigeria while many are riding freely on our open gestures of free offer sell out of our conscience and pride at give away prices and many have portrayed Nigeria as a nation of many fools.

We have no other country to call our own than this Nigeria. With our leadership demonstrating to us absolute disregard for the rule of law and lack of purpose and vision which they pledged during election, we as citizens still hold our destiny in our hands. Many of us in the Diaspora are exposed enough to understand the level at which many past leaders have sunk our pride, ego and hope.

If Nigeria were to be a human entity, the level of heartbreak would have sunk her into everlasting demise yet many loyal and patriotic citizens have been sent into oblivion caring and pleading for a better Nigeria.

Our state of pride has degenerated to level where many countries that Nigeria has lifted from the abyss of tragedy have even treated Nigeria and her citizens with contempt and disregard. It is heart breaking.

Nigeria and Nigerians need to wake up because the nation still remains one of the most viable nations in the world if handled properly by right leadership.

This news website craves for a Nigeria with egalitarian status and is a forum for us to shape things up for our dear country at least in our own little way. Good comments and positive contributions are welcome. Please be part of a new hope for our dear country.

Eclipse Media Network (EMN) is unique in many ways: From internet News to News and programme production for News organisations and information companies, EMN relishes telling it as it is, and that is why our slogan reads: ’News from the right perspectives’. If we ere, please tell us and we will cherish your constructive criticism and would not be impervious to corrections.

If we are justified or vindicated, commend us to enable us know that we are expressing your feelings and aspirations. We promise that we would not let you down. Welcome to ECLIPSE MEDIA NETWORK (EMN), the mother company of EMNnews.com, your news, information and entertainment website giving you news from the right perspectives.


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Like many other news organizations, EMNnews.com is emerging as a fresh starter on the internet news web family. We report Breaking News that cut across politics, business and investment opportunities. We also feature fashion events, travel and tourism.

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